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Mississippi Injury Law Firm - Gardner Law Firm

Do I need an attorney to file an injury claim in Mississippi?

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

When you’re injured due to the negligent actions of another party, one of the first things to consider is whether you should hire a personal injury attorney. This may not be necessary in some cases, such as soft tissue injuries. These typically occur due to dog bites, workplace accidents, vehicle or boating accidents, bike… Read More »

Contact Gardner Law Firm immediately after an accident

What Should I Do Immediately After a Mississippi Car Accident?

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

Car accidents can range from a seemingly innocent fender bender to having your car totaled and suffering extensive injuries. The outcome of a car crash can range from an inconvenience to a life-changing, harrowing experience. No matter what occurs, there are some things you’ll need to do in order to ensure that you get… Read More »

Truck Accidents - Gardner Law Firm

Accidents with Commercial Trucks with Loose Loads

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

Trucks with improperly secured loads can wreak major havoc on U.S. highways. The AAA Foundation reported that 25,000 accidents occur annually due to improperly secured truck cargo, resulting to 80 to 90 annual deaths. If you or a family member have been involved in this type of accident, then you know how devastating and… Read More »

Mississippi Injury Attorney

How Much Money Will I Get from My Injury Settlement in Mississippi?

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

Before you file your personal injury lawsuit, you probably want to know how much your case is worth and how much money you will be able to recover in a settlement. While it is impossible to know exactly how much you will be able to recover, a thorough assessment and investigation into your claim,… Read More »

Biloxi Car Accident Attorney

4 Ways an Injury Could Affect My Life

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

Being involved in a car accident isn’t just a scary and traumatic experience; it’s an event that could affect you for the remainder of your life. To be sure, if you are involved in a serious crash that results in injuries, your life may never look the same, and you may have to completely… Read More »

shipyard accident lawyer

Accidents in Shipyards

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

There’s no denying that building and repairing ships is a dangerous occupation. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), part of the United States Department of Labor, reports that the following types of injuries are most common: Chemical exposure, including asbestos, fuel, paint, solvents, and welding fumes Physical stress, such as noise, heat, and lifting heavy… Read More »

Disorders among Commercial Drivers Pose a Danger to Fellow Road Occupants

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

Commercial drivers are expected to show up to work well-rested and free from chemical substances, and most would never imagine reporting to work while intoxicated. However, many drivers report to work in an equally unsafe, undetected condition every day. Two recent accidents highlight the danger involved in licensing commercial drivers who have chronic, untreated… Read More »

The 3 Different Types of School Bus Accidents

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

Each year, approximately 137 people are killed in school bus-related crashes, and hundreds more are injured.  Some years, however, tragedy strikes and those numbers skyrocket.  In November, five children were killed and another 30 injured in a school bus crash in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  There were no other vehicles involved in that crash, and the bus driver… Read More »

Distracted Driving is Now Considered an Epidemic on U.S. Roads

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

Everyone tends to think that they’re a safe driver.  In fact, many of us believe that we’re so conscientious that it’s no problem to drive in heavy traffic, change the radio station, eat a snack, and respond to an important text message – all at the same time.  Unfortunately, distracted driving has proven to… Read More »

2016 may be the Most Deadly Year on the Roads in 50 years

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

According to preliminary analysis of data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 2016 has already earned the dubious distinction of being strikingly more deadly than 2015. 2015 itself was a particularly deadly year on American roads, marking the first time since the ‘60s that more fatal traffic accidents occurred in one… Read More »

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