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What Makes Us Different?

Being injured is a scary experience, and can be even more upsetting when the injuries are severe enough that you require medical care, incur medical debt, are unable to work, or/and are left permanently disabled or disfigured.

There is nothing that can undo the harm and trauma that you have suffered, and few things that can provide comfort and relief along the way. But working with an experienced and compassionate legal professional can make you feel as though you have an advocate on your side who is looking out for your best interests.

Choosing the right law firm for representation isn’t always easy. At the Gardner Law Firm, we want you to know that we aren’t like other law practices in the state – we truly care about our clients, and always put your best interests first.

Our Dedication, Success, and Passion for Our Work Sets Our Law Firm Apart

You need a lawyer that is committed to your case, and that’s exactly what you’ll find when you work with the Mississippi personal injury lawyers at the Gardner Law Firm. When you work with us, you can count on:

  • Lawyers that get results. Our lawyers pride ourselves on the fact that we get results. In fact, we have recovered more than $20 million on the behalf of our clients, including a $9 million vehicle-rollover settlement; a $750,000 product liability settlement; and a $950,000 offshore injury settlement. These large settlements are proof that our lawyers know how to get results and aren’t intimidated by large insurance companies or complex claims.
  • More than 39 years of legal experience. Part of the reason that we have been so successful at recovering compensation on our clients’ behalf both in and out of the courtroom is the fact that we have nearly four decades’ worth of legal experience behind us. Since 1978, we have been proudly serving Mississippi’s gulf coast and the people who live here. Over the years, we have been in the courtroom a countless number of times, and have gained the experience necessary to be effective advocates for all of our clients.
  • A personalized approach. There are law firms out there who will take on any case they can get with the aim of getting paid, applying a cookie-cutter approach to resolution and never putting in the time or effort necessary to really understand the client or their need. This is not something you will ever experience at the Gardner Law Firm – we provide a personalized approach to your case, giving it the customized attention that you deserve. We create a unique strategy that is based on the circumstances that are specific to you, and never hand your case off to untrained staff members.
  • Responsiveness and dedication. When you work with our legal team, we want you to feel like you’re working with a partner that you can count on, not just some random company. You can count on our lawyers being dedicated to your case and highly responsive; you’ll never go days or weeks without hearing from us, or have to wonder why we’re not returning your call. This is your life – we take it very seriously.
  • Lawyers skilled in a number of different practice areas. Our lawyers are skilled in a number of different practice areaswhich means that you can turn to our law firm for help when you need it most whether you’ve been injured in a car accident or harmed while on the job, are facing the prospect of bankruptcy, have been denied Social Security disability benefits, or something else entirely. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn whether or not we can help you – chances are we can.
  • Access to resources necessary to win. Winning a personal injury case takes a number of resources, including economic resources to hire staff members to organize documents, hire experts to investigate your case, hire expert witnesses to give testimony, and retain the most highly skilled lawyers. You can take comfort in the fact that our law firm has the resources that are necessary to be effective, and that we will never ask you to cover these costs out of pocket.

Consultations with Our Law Office Are Free of Charge

We never use bait-and-switch tactics to lure you into our law offices only to charge you ridiculous fees. Instead, we are completely transparent about what you can expect when you work with us, and what we expect from you. We provide consultations that are not only 100 percent confidential, but also 100 percent free of charge without any strings attached. You can sit down with a lawyer at our law firm for a consultation without any obligation to hire the lawyer at the conclusion of your meeting.

If you do decide to hire our law firm, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means that any fee we collect is contingent on your case being successful, and is based on a percentage of your winnings. Not only does this mean that you never have to pay us upfront or hourly fees, but that if we are unsuccessful in recovering a settlement on your behalf, you won’t owe us a cent.

How Can Contingency Fee Help You?

A contingency fee arrangement provides several benefits aside from not having to pay the lawyer’s fee up front.

  1. Lawyers are Incentivized

One of the primary benefits of retaining a lawyer on a contingent fee basis is that their interests fully align with yours. This is because they will get paid only when you win the case. Hence, they will work very hard to ensure that you recover compensation.

Since the contingency fee is usually a percentage of the settlement amount, the law firm you hire will try and get you the highest possible verdict or settlement. Also, the attorney will not drag out the case unnecessarily. This could be a risk when you are paying the attorney by the hour.

  1. No Cost to You

Personal injury lawsuits can be unpredictable. But if your case is unsuccessful for some reason, you will not have to pay the attorney fees. In other words, you won’t need to pay anything for the time the lawyer puts into your case. For this reason, your lawyer has a lot to lose if things don’t go your way. On a side note – if an attorney takes up your case on a contingency fee basis, they are probably confident that your case is strong, and you are likely to recover compensation.

  1. Choose the Best Attorney

A contingency fee arrangement doesn’t just mean that you get to hire a lawyer with limited financial means. You get to pick and choose from several law firms until you find someone with a proven track record of success. You will have several options if you have a viable case. However, even if the case is challenging and complicated, a firm with extensive expertise and experience might still be confident that they can secure compensation for you.

  1. Focus on Recovery

Victims are in a better position to focus on recovering from their injuries by handing over the case to a law firm of their liking. You will have more peace of mind knowing that the stakes are as high for your lawyer as they are for you.

Call Our Mississippi Law Firm to Schedule Your First Appointment Today

Our law firm is different, as our lawyers prioritize compassion and empathy over profit. We care about being successful, but only when that success reflects our hard work, and our clients get the quality services that they deserve.

If you have a legal issue or have been injured, please do not hesitate to call our Mississippi lawyers at the Gardner Law Firm today.You can reach us by phone at 228-436-6555 for your free consultation today. You can also visit one of our three locations in person, or send us an email using the intake form found on our website.

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