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How Insurance Companies Use Independent Medical Examinations to Their Advantage And What to Do About It

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

An independent medical exam is supposed to provide a second opinion on the nature and extent of injuries in a personal injury case. Unfortunately, the insurance company for the defendant generally chooses the independent medical examiner (IME), which provides an unfair advantage for the insurer. An experienced personal injury attorney in Mississippi can help… Read More »


What Do Electronic Logging Devices Mean for Your Truck Accident Claim?

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

Commercial truck drivers have to follow more rules and regulations as compared to other motorists on the road. Electronic logging devices were mandated by the federal government in 2017 to automatically monitor the number of hours spent by commercial drivers behind the wheel. These ELDs can prove to be invaluable to your accident claim…. Read More »

pre existing conditions in a car accident

Pre-Existing Conditions: You’re Still Entitled to Fair Compensation After a Car Crash

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

The insurance company will most likely want to know your medical history if you file a personal injury claim following an auto accident. This information will be used by the insurance carrier for assessing your injuries and identifying any medical conditions which may have existed before the car crash. These injuries and conditions are… Read More »

taking pictures at car accident scene

How Accident Scene Photos Can Increase the Value of a Car Crash Claim

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

Photographs not only make a powerful visual impact, but they can also serve as one of the most objective pieces of evidence in a car accident injury claim. Images tell the story as it is, which can help in establishing who is responsible for the accident. When they are used effectively by a skilled… Read More »

dental injuries

Common Dental Injuries

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

Every year car accidents cause a wide range of bodily injuries to victims across the United States. The extent of damages and the nature of injuries suffered typically depend on the severity of the auto accident. Dental injuries and facial damage are common during serious vehicle crashes. Dental injuries in auto accidents typically involve… Read More »

dangerously parked trucks cause accidents in Mississippi

How Dangerously Parked Trucks Can Lead to Increased Collisions on The Road

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

Truck drivers often park their 18-wheelers on the side of the highway and road, assuming that other drivers will see them. Unfortunately, these commercial trucks can catch an unsuspecting motorist off guard. This is especially true during bad weather and at night when visibility is poor. The truck driver and trucking company (in some… Read More »

tire blowout when passing semi trucks-min

Be Prepared for Tire Blowouts When Passing Semi-Trucks

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

Mississippi has some of the busiest and most congested highways in the United States. The majority of these routes are a popular choice for trailers and semi-truck drivers, which means you are probably going to share the road with a large commercial vehicle anytime you hit the road. The risk of an accident due… Read More »

accidents from not using turn signal

Accidents Caused by Not Using Turn Signals

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

While most people believe that distracted driving is the leading cause of car accidents in Mississippi, new research shows that the real culprit may be the failure to give proper turn signals. According to a study conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers, an estimated 2 million accidents take place each year because of… Read More »

wrong way accidents

Wrong-Way Accidents Increasing Across The US

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

Wrong-way accidents can be extremely dangerous, often resulting in severe or fatal injuries. Unfortunately, these accidents are on the rise across the United States. You should know your legal rights if you or a loved one was involved in a wrong-way car crash. It is best to speak with a Mississippi car accident attorney… Read More »

knee injury

Common Knee Injuries Caused by Accidents

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

There are many different types of knee injuries, ranging from simple burns and cuts to severe soft tissue and ligament injuries, knee fractures, and kneecap damage. Knee-related soft tissue injuries may prove to be more complicated than others. You may need long-term treatment and rehab. The consequences of a knee injury depend on the… Read More »

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