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Truck Accident Lawyers in Gulfport

truck accident lawyers in gulfportThere is major, constant truck traffic movement through Gulfport, MS, as these trucks travel to and from I-10, connecting Mississippi with the rest of the country through one of the nation’s major highway arteries. For the economy of the state, interstate truck commerce is highly beneficial, but it does come at a price. Big rigs with their double and triple tractor-trailer present a serious threat to other drivers on MS roads and highways.

Why Truck Accidents are So Serious in Gulfport, MS

Truck wrecks in Gulfport, MS, are much more perilous than passenger vehicle accidents for various reasons. If you have been in a crash involving a big rig, the chances are that the following circumstances apply to you.

Severe Injuries

While passenger vehicle collisions can be serious and even fatal, many auto accident victims are able to recover from their injuries. However, due to the massive size and weight of commercial vehicles, the injuries are typically worse and can warrant intensive medical treatment. Some of the most severe injuries in such accidents include fractured bones, spinal or brain trauma, and lost limbs.

Increased Property Damage

Again, the size and weight of tractor-trailers are major factors in the difference between truck accidents and passenger vehicle crashes. A large commercial vehicle is likely to total smaller vehicles.

Higher Possibility of Fatality

Due to the chances of serious property damage and injuries, large truck crash victims face a higher possibility of fatality when compared to collisions between two passenger cars. If you have wrongfully lost someone you love to a truck accident, our lawyers at Gardner Law Firm can help you build a strong case for wrongful death.

Establishing Liability after a Tractor Trailer Accident

Various parties may be responsible for a truck accident. The below-mentioned individuals or entities could be held responsible, depending on the outcomes of the accident investigation:

  • Trucking company
  • Truck driver
  • Truck owner
  • Vehicle manufacturer
  • Company leasing the trailer or truck
  • Shipper
  • Loaders

The entity could be deemed reckless, depending on the specificities of the case. Negligence may include the following:

  • Overloading
  • Failure to obey traffic regulations
  • Inappropriate hiring or training practices
  • Lack of experience
  • Operating a truck for too long without taking a break

At Gardner Law Firm, our Gulfport, MS truck accident lawyers can investigate your crash to understand what went awry to hold the accountable party liable for their actions.

What are the Hours of Service Regulations?

Truckers must follow many more regulations compared to other automobiles on the road due to how much damage a truck can cause if an accident occurs. One such FMSCA rule is known as the ‘hours of service’ regulation. These rules aim to prevent tired and exhausted truck drivers from operating a vehicle to prevent accidents.

These rules encompass:

Truckers can work up to 14 hours daily but can only drive for 11 hours out of these hours. The remaining three hours must be used for rest and meal breaks. Truckers must rest for a minimum of ten consecutive hours before starting a new workday. Truck drivers must also take days off on a regular basis.

Truck Maintenance

Trucking companies must ensure that their trucks are in good working condition. They must maintain their brakes, tires, and other equipment. Devastating accidents can occur due to failed tires and brakes. If you or someone you love has sustained injuries in a truck crash due to a ruptured tire, our truck accident attorneys in Gulfport, MS, can assess maintenance logs and understand what type of tires were put on the truck. At times, truck companies unlawfully use retread or used tires, putting everyone on the road in peril.

Truck Operator Health

It is mandatory for truck drivers to clear medical exams to maintain their licensure. But these examinations may not happen frequently, and the trucker’s health condition may change. Truck companies are responsible for monitoring their drivers to make sure that they are in good health. Sometimes drivers take medication that can affect their attention when operating a big rig.

Other truckers may drive with dangerous conditions, such as sleep apnea, that can cause fatigue or other issues. If your driver was not in good health, the trucking company might be held liable for covering your medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering damages resulting from your crash.

Handling Insurance after a Truck Accident in Gulfport, MS

Under the law, interstate trucking companies must carry a minimum of one million dollars in liability insurance to pay for the damages of victims of accidents. As potentially substantial damage claims can be at stake, the insurance providers hire attorneys who are seasoned at defending such claims, making it even more challenging to deal with an insurance company after an accident.

The insurer can reduce its liability by any percentage of fault that it can assign to the victim. If the insurer can prove that you were 100 percent responsible, it will not have to pay you any compensation.

The investigators hired by insurance companies often appear at the site of serious truck accidents within a few moments of the crash, taking photographs and statements and seeking ways to limit liability. In order to protect your rights, you will need a skilled attorney on your side at the earliest.

Our attorneys in Gulfport will take prompt measures to gather and preserve evidence such as:

  • The truck driver’s history.
  • Maintenance records of the truck and trailer.
  • Proof that might indicate a faulty tire or truck part.
  • The GPS or black box, which records the speed, braking, and other information on the vehicle.
  • The driver logbook, which can indicate whether the trucker took legally necessary rest breaks.

If the truck operator creates false logbook entries, our attorneys can compare the logbook entries with credit card receipts from gas stations and other records. Irrespective of whether you seek damages for yourself or a deceased family member, our compassionate attorneys will guide you throughout the claims process.

Hire an Accomplished Truck Accident Attorney

In the aftermath of a semi crash, it is crucial to move yourself to a safe place and call emergency services. Police officers will investigate the accident site, speak to you, and make a report. As this happens, you may need to get treated for your injuries. It is best to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Once you have dealt with the initial crash, you should consider retaining a top-notch Gulfport, MS truck accident lawyer at Gardner Law Firm.

Often, complex issues of law pertaining to commercial vehicles, their maintenance, and company policies are associated with tractor-trailer accidents. A skilled lawyer will fight hard for the rightful compensation you deserve. Call (228) 436-6555 today for a free consultation.

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