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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Gulfport, MS

gulfport motorcycle accident lawyer When a motorcycle rider in Mississippi is involved in an accident, they don’t have the safety of being surrounded by airbags, a steel frame, or other auto safety features. Furthermore, insurance providers typically stereotype bikers as being reckless merely for being bikers. Whatever the reason, a motorcycle rider with years of experience, following traffic rules, driving defensively, and always remaining alert can also be involved in a devastating motorcycle collision.

If you or someone you love has sustained grave personal injury upon being involved in a motorcycle accident in Gulfport, Mississippi, ensure that your legal counsel is skilled and experienced. Speak to us at Gardner Law Firm today to schedule a free case review with our top-rated motorbike accident attorneys.

You Must be Appropriately Equipped when Riding a Motorcycle in Gulfport

If you want to remain compliant with Mississippi’s motorcycle regulations, follow these rules:

  • Every motorbike must be equipped with at least one, but not more than two, headlamps that are compliant with the levels of lighting required by all automobiles
  • Every motorbike must be equipped with at least one brake, which may be hand or foot-operated
  • No individual shall ride or operate any motorcycle unless they wear a crash helmet that complies with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s minimum guidelines

Common Gulfport Motorcycle Crashes

A motorcyclist can get involved in a crash in various ways, but all are not as common or serious as others. Our attorneys at Gardner Law Firm have experience handling motorcycle accident cases ranging from dooring accidents to single-vehicle accidents and everything in between. Every motorcycle collision is different, but there are some commonalities that our attorneys observe.

Head-on Collisions

The most hazardous type of motorcycle crash that a person can be involved in is a head-on collision. Motorcycle riders involved in such collisions usually do not survive the accident, and those that do, suffer the worst type of injuries often leave them permanently disabled. Thus, the stakes in such cases are much higher as these injuries necessitate higher compensation, which means that the insurance company will fight more aggressively.

Left Turn Motorcycle Crashes

Vehicles will commonly hit a motorcycle when they make a left turn at an intersection. This often occurs as they fail to recognize a motorcycle rider’s right of way as they are attempting to make their way through the oncoming lane as they turn, which can lead to an impact on the motorbike’s side. Around 40 percent of motorcycle accidents are attributable to these left-turn accidents.

Lane Switching Motorcycle Accidents

It is easy for a motorcycle to slip into the blind spots of a larger vehicle, which causes collisions when someone is attempting to switch lanes, and a motorbike is in their path. The lack of motorcycle rider visibility is one of the topmost contributors to motorbike crashes, and those that neglect to watch out for motorcyclists can be considered reckless and responsible for the injuries they cause.

Lane Splitting Motorcycle Crashes

In Mississippi, it is “unauthorized” to lane split with a motorcycle. But the state does not specify whether it is “legal” or “illegal.” Lane spitting takes place when a motorcycle rider drives between the designated lanes thanks to their smaller vehicle size to bypass traffic. However, someone that lane splits is not automatically barred from seeking compensation with a claim after an accident such as this.

Alcohol Impairment and Speeding

In comparison to passenger cars, trucks, vans, or other enclosed vehicle drivers, motorcycle riders are more vulnerable. It is essential for riders to take extra precautions on the road, including following traffic laws, refraining from drunk driving, remaining alert, and allowing sufficient distance between themselves and other vehicles.

If you or a loved one has become involved in a motorcycle crash that results in injury, it is vital to consult our Gulfport motorcycle personal injury lawyers to pursue your case for fair compensatory damages.

Gulfport, MS Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims

If the motorcycle rider was not responsible, they might be able to seek compensation from the party negligent in causing the collision. An injured motorcyclist can seek damages to compensate for their losses, including compensatory damages for pain and suffering. Motorcycle riders do not have to pass an injury threshold to seek damages, which may include compensation for medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Negotiations with Insurance Companies

Following a crash, our Gulfport, MS motorcycle accident attorneys can reach out to the liable party’s insurer to negotiate a settlement for expenses incurred due to the incident. We will leverage the evidence and information gathered to collect maximum compensation for your losses. If negotiations with insurance providers are unsatisfactory or unsuccessful, you could pursue legal action against the reckless party with the assistance of our lawyers.


Motorcycle crash lawsuits fall under the category of personal injury, which is based on the tenet of negligence. Summarily, our lawyers will have to show that the other motorist in the crash was liable as they failed to exercise a reasonable standard of care. To achieve this, our Gulfport, Mississippi motorcycle injury lawyers will perform a thorough investigation to understand more about the incident, including aspects such as whether the other motorist obeyed traffic rules, paid attention to their surroundings, was drunk driving, etc.

Wrongful Death

If you have lost someone you love in a motorcycle crash, you may be able to recover compensation through a wrongful death case. Our experienced wrongful death attorneys can help you and your family to show that the recklessness of the other party led to the victim’s death, enabling you to seek maximum compensation.

Consult Our Gulfport Motorcycle Crash Attorneys for a Free Case Review 

If you’ve been seriously hurt in a Mississippi motorcycle collision or have lost someone you love in a motorbike accident, you should consult the attorneys at the Gardner Law Firm. The process of seeking damages for your motorcycle crash injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one is complex, and stringent deadlines apply.

We will fight hard to provide you with the skilled representation that you would expect from our seasoned motorcycle accident lawyers. Call today at (228) 436-6555 for a no-charge case evaluation.

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