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Top 5 Reasons why Auto Accidents Occur

car accidents in Mississippi

Car accidents in Mississippi happen for a variety of reasons, and it would be impossible to pin liability for all wrecks on one underlying factor. To be sure, each car crash is different, and, as such, so too are the causes.

That being said, there are certain driving behaviors or actions that can be extremely dangerous, and that lead to a significant number of accidents. Indeed, the following five reasons lead to many wrecks in Mississippi, and often serve as the basis of a successful personal injury claim.

  • Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is largely considered one of the most dangerous driving activities, as it leads to far too many catastrophic accidents each year. Specifically, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that each day in the United States approximately nine people are killed and more than 1,000 are injured in wrecks that involve a distracted motorist.

Of course, in today’s society, many people simply associate distracted driving with texting or otherwise using the phone while behind the wheel. Otherwise they associate this problem with younger, or inexperienced drivers. But while texting and talking on the phone are certainly culprits, they are not the only ones; instead, distracted driving encompasses anything that takes the driver’s eyes off of the road, hands off of the wheel, or mind off of driving. This may include eating, reading, changing music, adjusting the GPS, or many other actions. Also, it isn’t just young people who are at risk of distracted driving, it can be anybody.

  • Impaired Driving

Unfortunately, even though the public is generally aware of the dangers of drunk driving, a staggering number of accidents still occur in which alcohol was a factor. Additional statistics from the CDC assert that 28 people die each day in car crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver; to put this in perspective, that’s one death every 51 minutes.

Furthermore, while impaired driving includes drunk driving, other actions fall under this umbrella, as well, such as driving under the influence of narcotics. Even operating a vehicle after taking prescription or over-the-counter medication can be highlighted as a negligent action in a personal injury case.

Again, it may be tempting to simply accuse younger drivers of being the only ones at risk of this behavior, and they are at risk, but this can happen to any of us. If you find yourself at an after-work function, and only had a couple drinks, it may be best to take an uber or ask a friend to drive you home.

  • Defective Car Parts

In some cases, car accidents are not caused by any individual behind the wheel, but instead by parts within the vehicles that malfunction. For example, a car’s brakes may fail while slowing, causing the vehicle to crash into another car on the highway. This is only one of myriad examples though; indeed, any unknown defect within a car can lead to a devastating injury on the road.

  • Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving is another contributing factor to a significant number of car accidents in Mississippi. According to the Insurance Information Institute, which uses information taken from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatal Accident Reporting System, the behaviors on the following list may be considered indications of aggressive driving:

  • Failure to yield right of way;
  • Improper or erratic lane changing;
  • Passing where prohibited;
  • Failure to signal;
  • Following improperly;
  • Racing; and
  • Driving too fast for conditions.

Overall, aggressive driving is considered to include moving traffic offenses that are committed in order to endanger other people or property. And, sadly, this type of behavior often leads to serious wrecks.

  • Drowsy Driving

Finally, one of the most prevalent causes behind many car accidents in Mississippi is drowsy driving. The CDC again estimates that an estimated 1 in 25 adult drivers reports having fallen asleep while driving in the past month, and that up to 6,000 fatal crashes each year may be caused by drowsy driving. Sadly, these accidents are all entirely preventable, yet fatigued drivers still get behind the wheel each day, taking their own life into their hands, as well as the lives and wellbeing of others.

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Perhaps the most heartbreaking similarity among all of these factors is that each one is a preventable action. In reality, each day drivers choose to drive distracted, while impaired, or fatigued, or engage in reckless behaviors. And, in other circumstances, car manufacturers or distributors choose to overlook glaring errors in their vehicles, instead focusing on profits.

Regardless of the cause of the accident, however, if you have sustained injuries in a wreck in Mississippi, we can help. At the Gardner Law Firm, our attorneys are prepared to determine the factors that led to your wreck, and hold liable the responsible parties. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to set up a consultation; we serve clients in Biloxi, Pascagoula, Hattiesburg, and the surrounding areas.

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