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What is mediation and do I need it in my case?




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Most serious, and even some smaller personal injury cases will require mediation as a judge requires parties to attempt to mediate. In order for a mediation to be successful, both sides must be willing to negotiate. You will have to pay a mediator to sit down and help both sides to form compromises, meaning one party might have to pay a little more than they are willing to pay, and another party might have to accept a little less than they initially wanted. One of the most important things is to seek out an experienced mediator who knows how to keep both parties talking. With mediation, both sides can be candid with the mediator without having to let the other side know what you said, so you don’t have to reveal the good and bad of your case. Sometimes mediations don’t work out, but the worst case scenario is that you spend a little bit of money.

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