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what is a personal injury journal?

What Is a Personal Injury Journal?

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

If you have sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident, you will require strong and substantial evidence to establish your case and the extent of damages suffered by you. You may be legally entitled to economic as well as non-economic damages, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Proving anything related to… Read More »

soft tissue injury

Soft Tissue Injury Claims

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

Any damage to the ligaments, tendons, and muscles in your body is termed a soft tissue injury. Soft tissue injuries mostly involve damage to the muscle and ligament in the spinal columns of the neck (cervical) region, often characterized as whiplash. Types of Soft Tissue Injuries Many soft tissue injuries are a result of… Read More »

injured as a passenger in a car

What to Do When You’re Injured as a Passenger in a Car Crash

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

Being involved in a car crash as a passenger can be a frightening and disconcerting experience. You may have suffered injuries and damage to your property as well. Once you decide to file a compensation claim for your injuries and other damages, it will likely be against the insurance policy of your vehicle’s driver…. Read More »

loss of wages

What to Do if You Can’t Return to Work After an Auto Accident

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

The physical, mental, and emotional trauma from injuries and other damages in a car accident is something that can cause lasting turmoil in your life. Treatment for your injuries can be very expensive, putting a lot of stress on your finances especially if you are unable to return to work after your accident. If… Read More »

nerve damage from car accident

The Risks of Nerve Injuries After a Car Accident

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

Motor vehicle accidents can cause grievous injuries and life-altering disabilities, upsetting a victim’s financial, mental, and emotional state in more ways than one. While a car accident may lead to unexpected severe injuries, we will discuss below the risk of nerve injuries and their impact on a car accident victim’s life. Types of Nerves… Read More »

tire defects can lead to auto accidents

How Tire Defects Can Contribute to Auto Accidents

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

Long drives on open roads are liberating, and most people will tell you that they help relax you and clear your mind. And while drivers generally trust their cars to get them safely to their destinations, unsuspected defects in a vehicle’s critical components can sometimes turn into major hazards.  One such important component, the… Read More »

statute of limitations on filing personal injury claim in mississippi

Time Limit for Filing an Injury Claim in Mississippi

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

Deadlines for Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Mississippi All states set limits on the amount of time you have to file a personal injury claim after sustaining an injury. The laws mandating these time limits are called “statutes of limitations.” In Mississippi, you have three years from the date the incident causing your… Read More »

no seatbelt during accident-min

Are You Still Eligible for Compensation if You Did Not Have Your Seatbelt on During a Crash?

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

People generally understand how injuries in car accidents can be potentially grievous and devastating. In addition, they also recognize the repercussions of not wearing a seatbelt, on the extent and severity of those injuries. Most of the states, including Mississippi, now have seat belt laws that require all passengers in a motor vehicle to… Read More »

wh ois responsible for a bicycle accident?

Who is Responsible for a Bicycle Accident?

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

Bicycle accidents cause numerous injuries and fatalities each year in the United States. The mistrust between bicyclists and motorists, especially in the bigger cities, is unmistakable, as both have a tendency of being circumspect of one another on the streets and public roadways. Bicyclists and Motorists: Do they have Same Rights? Motorists are mostly… Read More »

accident lawyer

Common Internal Injuries That Occur in Accidents

By Gardner Law Firm, P.C. |

One of the most serious types of accident injuries is an internal injury. If not treated immediately, internal injuries can lead to serious complications or even death. If you sustained an internal injury from an accident caused by another’s recklessness, you might be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and… Read More »

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