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The Impact of Speeding on Car Crashes and Road Safety

Speeding is a major risk factor for car crashes. There are numerous pieces of research showing that speeding is closely linked to car accidents, whether that means driving over the speed limit or driving too fast for road and weather conditions. Furthermore, speeding increases not just the likelihood of an accident, but the severity of […]

How Driver Shortages Affect Commercial Trucking Safety

In the United States, the commercial trucking industry is a crucial part of the economy. They’re responsible for transporting goods and raw materials across the country, often working on tight deadlines and handling time-sensitive loads. The industry has, in recent years, had to face a growing problem: a driver shortage. Not only does this impact […]

The Risks of Crush Injuries After a Car Crash

The human body can only withstand so much force before something has to give. When you’re involved in a car crash, an enormous amount of pressure is generated, and it has to go somewhere. If you are squeezed between objects or otherwise subject to extreme pressure, you may suffer a crush injury. These injuries can […]

What Should I Do to Maximize My Car Accident Settlement?

The expenses that come with a car accident can overwhelm even the most financially secure family. Medical bills, the cost of a new car or significant repairs, and unexpected time away from work add up quickly. That’s why it’s so important to connect with a personal injury attorney after a crash. If you plan on […]

How To Stay Safe When Driving a Car at Night

Biloxi area roads can be dangerous and there is no foolproof way of avoiding a nighttime accident. This is especially true when you are driving around one of the many casinos in the area. Fortunately, there are things you can do to lower the risk, even before you get behind the wheel. You should consult […]