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How Accident Scene Photos Can Increase the Value of a Car Crash Claim

Photographs not only make a powerful visual impact, but they can also serve as one of the most objective pieces of evidence in a car accident injury claim. Images tell the story as it is, which can help in establishing who is responsible for the accident.

When they are used effectively by a skilled car accident attorney, photos and videos can go a long way in building a strong case. You should not hesitate in consulting with a proven and capable car accident attorney that will use photographic evidence for maximizing your compensation.

Accident Scene Photos Serve as Evidence in Mississippi

Pictures tell a true and unbiased tale. Accident scene pictures are important for many reasons, which may include:

  • Position of the vehicles showing who caused the crash
  • Tire marks or damage on the road
  • Documentary evidence of your bodily injuries
  • Proof of any property damage
  • Reminders about any vital details regarding the accident that you may have forgotten or missed

In addition, insurance claims adjusters take the claim seriously when they realize the victim has clear and high-quality accident photos along with other relevant evidence for supporting their claim. They understand that you are probably motivated for obtaining a fair settlement amount. You can strengthen your claim by taking accident photos which can result in a higher settlement offer.

Importance of Taking Auto Accident Photos and Videos

There is no denying the fact that pictures are worth a thousand words. These photographs can tell a lot about how a crash happened in case of a car accident. Photos can also be used for contradicting and undermining the words of an erroneous witness or the other driver.

These are a few important reasons for taking car accident photos:

Prove fault

Photographs can be used for proving fault in a car accident. Skid marks on the road, the position of the car following the accident, and other vital components can serve as evidence for proving fault and disproving accusations. Photographs taken from different angles can perform a key role in piecing the incidents related to the accident.

Prove property damage

It can be expensive to get a car repaired that was damaged in an auto accident. The insurance company may deny any claim made if you don’t have supporting proof that the damages took place during the same accident for which you are filing. They may say the damage is from before the accident. However, if you have photos of the accident, you may be able to prove the damages indeed occurred during the recent accident.

Proof of injury

Photos can be used for proving the injuries suffered from the crash. They can be used for refuting any insurance claims that say the injuries were pre-existing.

Remember details of the accident

Taking photographs can also help you remember the things you may have overlooked or missed during the ensuing chaos of the accident. For instance, if you take photos of witnesses, you may remember to contact them for witness testimony later. Any photograph of the driver’s license plate number can also prove to be useful in filing a claim.

Most Relevant Accident Scene Photographs

You should begin by getting the entire accident scene in the photograph as soon as possible following the crash. Make sure to take wide-angle shots that provide a bird’s eye view. Focus on the details next:

  • Photograph all cars involved in the collision
  • Get close-ups of the damage inflicted on your vehicle from different angles. Frame the shots so that your car’s license plate is visible. Take multiple photographs of the damage on the other driver’s car as well.
  • Take photographs of any debris fallen on the cars
  • Capture location factors, such as lights, signs, and other traffic indicators
  • Take pictures of weather conditions
  • Look for any skid marks that capture the length and width of the car accident. Try to take pictures of the direction in which the car was headed following the crash.
  • Get pictures of any eyewitnesses at the scene. You may want to click the driver and other passengers as well. However, make sure you get their permission before taking the photographs. Take pictures of emergency responders and anyone that is put on a gurney and taken to the ambulance.
  • Don’t forget to capture the injuries on your body and the at-fault driver. Take pictures of injuries sustained by passengers and any other bystanders as well.
  • Keep taking photographs of your injuries throughout the healing process.

It is possible that you may be unable to take photographs immediately following the crash because of your injuries or feeling overwhelmed. You may want to ask a trusted loved one to take as many photographs as possible.

You can also work with an experienced car accident law firm to gather evidence on your behalf. You need to ensure that you move fast since evidence following a car crash can quickly get destroyed or deteriorate.

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