speeding and car accidents

The Impact of Speeding on Car Crashes and Road Safety

Speeding is a major risk factor for car crashes. There are numerous pieces of research showing that speeding is closely linked to car accidents, whether that means driving over the speed limit or driving too fast for road and weather conditions. Furthermore, speeding increases not just the likelihood of an accident, but the severity of that accident. Per the NHTSA, speeding is a factor in 26% of crashes. While this is down from the high of 31% in 2009, it’s still far too high.

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The Dangers of Speeding

Speeding is detrimental to your ability to control your vehicle. A speeding driver is less able to react to changes in the road or unexpected obstacles. The faster your car is moving, the more time it takes to come to a complete stop. Not only do you have less time to react to obstacles, but you are also less likely to be able to stop in time if you’re speeding.

Additionally, those who habitually speed often engage in other dangerous behaviors. Speeding is often seen alongside rapid lane changes, tailgating, running red lights or stop signs, and ignoring right-of-way laws. When you combine all of these reckless behaviors, it’s easy to see how the likelihood of an accident increases dramatically.

These accidents often leave victims with serious injuries and emotional trauma. Those who recover fully from their car accident injuries are lucky; those who don’t fare quite as well may be left with lifelong pain, limited mobility, or a loss of independence.

Economic Effects of Speeding-Related Crashes

The economic costs of speeding-related crashes are staggeringly high. The NHTSA claims that speeding-related collisions led to $46 billion in economic costs in 2019. These costs include medical bills, lost wages, property damage, lost productivity, and more.

While these costs primarily affect victims, it’s important to note that they actually affect society as a whole. Consider lost wages—when someone is unable to work, their contributions to the economy, both in terms of earning and spending, are lost. Additionally, medical expenses are often the costliest part of a car crash.

If a victim can successfully secure a settlement, the liable party covers those expenses. If not, they are on the hook for all of those bills. If they are unable to pay them, what happens? Those costs result in higher treatment costs, which are spread out among everyone who uses the American healthcare system.

Some people ask if legal fees are part of the losses associated with car accidents. Luckily, victims do not have to worry about that. Since the team at Gardner Law Firm works on a contingency basis, victims do not pay anything out of pocket when they begin their claim. We only get paid if we are successful in securing a settlement or court award.

How to Reduce Speeding and Improve Road Safety

Knowing that speeding is such a big problem, there’s one obvious question: how do we stop it? There are numerous efforts underway to limit speeding, as well as efforts that have been less than successful over the years. Punishment is an obvious option; for some, the threat of a speeding ticket and increased insurance costs are enough to make speeding a less attractive option. Speed cameras and radar guns have had some success in reducing speeding rates.

There are also several solutions that focus on road design. Speed bumps force people to slow down for the safety of their vehicles, and roundabouts require drivers to maintain a more careful pace.

Finally, public health and safety programs focus on educating the public about the risks of speeding. However, a shocking number of drivers seem unmoved by these programs.

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