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Tips For Safe Travel During the Holiday Season

A car accident is the last thing anyone wants to experience during the holiday season. More than 55 million people are expected to travel for the holiday each year as per data collected by the AAA. The National Safety Council says that thousands of auto accident injuries and fatalities take place each year on US roads during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.

It’s vital that you take all necessary measures for keeping yourself and your family safe. Don’t hesitate to consult with an experienced Mississippi car accident attorney immediately if you find yourself in an unfortunate accident that occurred due to another’s fault.

Here are a few things you can do during the holiday season to lower the risk of a crash:

Be Prepared for Inclement Weather

Mississippi is known for its unpredictable weather. It is best to be mindful of this and adjust your driving style as the weather changes. Bridges, turns, and other roadway areas can get dangerous in the slightest rain. Icy conditions only make matters worse. Don’t forget to be careful around slick spots and decrease your speed when driving.

If you come across any flooded roads, your first instinct should be to turn around. It takes only 12 inches of rushing water to carry away a hatchback. Wet roads are slick and a recipe for disaster. Always remember that even if you trust your driving skills, you cannot always trust other motorists.

Plan the Drive in Advance

Over a hundred million motorists hit the road each year during the holiday season as per AAA data. You should always expect an increase in roadway traffic during the holidays. You should plan your trip with traffic snarls and delays in place. This will also allow you to account for stop-and-go traffic, rest breaks, and road closures along the way.

You can prevent the feeling of being rushed when you plan your trip after keeping these things in mind. Rushing can make you take rash decisions, such as speeding or practicing other forms of reckless driving.

Don’t Drink & Drive

DUIs are 10% higher during winter holidays as compared to the national average. Motorists should do everything possible to avoid driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You should practice caution while driving late at night since this is when most accidents occur.

Thanksgiving Holiday Law Enforcement Blitz is put into force every year by the Mississippi Highway Patrol during this time. The MHP takes the necessary steps for promoting safety on the roads.

In relation to this, exercising individual caution is necessary, as highlighted by these figures: 195 car accidents with 158 DUI arrests happened during the 2021 Thanksgiving Enforcement period alone in the state.

Avoid Drowsy Driving

Drowsy driving is one of the key reasons behind thousands of auto accident injuries and deaths every year in Mississippi. Tired and fatigued driving can reduce your reaction time in a manner similar to having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08.

These are a few tips that can protect you from drowsy driving:

  • Take turns driving with your partner
  • Take periodic walks after stopping at a safe spot
  • Avoid driving at late hours or when you would usually be sleeping
  • Roll down your window for increasing alertness if you feel tired
  • Talk to other people in the car or listen to music
  • Divide the journey into segments and plan your night stops ahead of time

Service Your Vehicle Before Hitting the Road

Preventative and routine vehicle maintenance is essential to ensure that you reach your holiday destination safely. You should check the tire’s oil and pressure. Professional inspection and tire rotation are important if you plan on wintertime driving. You can make the trip more comfortable by cleaning out the car before you go on the drive.

In Case of an Emergency

Being in a car accident can be stressful and confusing. These are a few steps to take if you find yourself in a car accident that was due to the fault of another:

  • Check yourself and others to ensure everybody is safe. Call 911 immediately if there are injuries.
  • Park at the side of the road if you can.
  • While you wait for the police, get the other driver’s contact and insurance information.
  • Get contact information of any eyewitnesses at the accident scene.
  • Take pictures and videos of the injuries, property damage, weather conditions, and accident site.
  • Call a car accident attorney.

Certain accidents that are the result of someone else’s negligence and cause catastrophic injuries can be worth large settlements. It’s essential that you consult with an attorney because insurance companies will do everything possible to lower the settlement amount. Your attorney will negotiate with the insurers and advise you on the best legal steps to take.

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