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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Hire an Attorney After an Accident

Biloxi Car Accident Attorney

In the aftermath of a serious car accident in Mississippi, few people are likely thinking about picking up the phone and calling an attorney. Instead, car accident victims and their loved ones are often overburdened with medical care, as well as covering the costs of piling medical bills. Indeed, the last thing on their mind is becoming tangled in a messy legal battle while they are trying to recover.

In reality, however, contacting a legal professional immediately after a serious car accident is one of the best choices possible for an injury victim. To be sure, an attorney has the knowledge, skill, and experience necessary to assist in recovering compensation for all those medical bills in a personal injury case. A personal injury attorney can be valuable for the following reasons:

An Attorney Can Help You Preserve Evidence

Evidence can be an extremely important asset in a personal injury claim stemming from a car accident. Photographs of the crash itself, damage sustained by the cars, and even the injuries sustained by the victim can all prove invaluable when fighting for the compensation needed to recover. Other types of evidence, such as police reports and other official documents, can also be used in this process to the benefit of the injured victim.

Not all victims are able to obtain or preserve this type of evidence after a car crash. Many are too overwhelmed after being involved in a wreck, while others, unfortunately, may need to travel in an ambulance, leaving them unable to remain at the scene and gather information.

Naturally, an attorney will not be there on-scene to document the wreck. That being said, an attorney can show up shortly thereafter and begin taking pictures, collecting information, and speaking to potential eyewitnesses in order to bolster a personal injury claim.

An Attorney Can Help You Act on Time

Outside of the legal world, few people are likely aware of the statute of limitations on personal injury claims in Mississippi, as well as how it may affect their case. Ultimately, however, the statute of limitations is one of the most important concepts in a personal injury claim, and one with which an accident attorney will be thoroughly familiar.

The statute of limitations is simply a timeframe in which an action must be taken. In Mississippi, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is three years, which means car accident victims have only three years after the wreck in which to file a claim for compensation. To some, three years may seem like plenty of time to begin building a case. Truthfully, however, when recovering from an injury and working to pay off medical bills, this time can fly by with little notice. Because of this, injured victims are highly advised to work with an attorney who can ensure they start filing their claim before the statute of limitations is over.

An Attorney Can Help Pursue All Sources of Compensation

Finally, because many attorneys have experience handling a wide array of car accident claims, they will likely know all liable parties to name in a personal injury claim. Consider, for example, a car accident wherein one driver was injured by a second driver who was texting behind the wheel. At first glance, it may seem like the only liable party would be the texting driver. However, upon closer examination, an attorney may find that the brakes belonging to the second driver were also defective, or their tires were poorly serviced; in this case, additional parties could now be named in a personal injury claim in pursuit of compensation. And because car accidents often lead to devastating injuries that may even result in lifelong disabilities, securing all available compensation is important for the injured victim to recover and move forward with their life.

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