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Almost Everything You Need to Know About Chest Contusions

chest contusions in Biloixi

Many people suffer serious injuries following a car accident that don’t present any immediate symptoms. For this reason, you should never avoid seeking medical treatment or visiting the emergency room just because you are ‘feeling fine’ after the accident.

Chest contusions can cause minor bruising or pain where the chest hit the seat belt or steering wheel. In most cases, chest contusion symptoms become worse over time. Here are a few critical things you may not be aware of in this condition, and which can compromise your right to seek compensation from the negligent driver.

Chest Contusions are not Immediately Visible

Vehicular collisions can cause a blow to the chest. Damage in this type of accident is internal with few visible symptoms. There may be slight discoloration and bruising. However, you may not recognize the severity of the condition.

You should consider getting in touch with a car accident attorney if you suffered an injury in a vehicular collision. You may not understand the reality of what has occurred until it is too late. This makes it crucial to have your chest checked out by a qualified medical professional. In some cases, an overabundance of caution is usually more helpful in the long run than being blasé about something.

Chest Contusions can Result in Bruised Lungs

Bruised lungs are a severe injury that can occur because of chest contusions. There are several possible signs indicating this, such as:

  • Cold or clammy skin
  • Low blood pressure
  • Shallow or fast breathing
  • Hemoptysis or coughing up blood
  • Wheezing
  • Crackling sound from the chest
  • Cyanosis or a blue tinge on the skin from lack of oxygen

You should immediately get yourself checked if you notice these symptoms following a car collision. Fluid can build up in the lungs if you delay getting treatment. This can prove to be fatal since it reduces the oxygen amount in the body.

What can cause Chest Contusions in a Car Crash?

These are a few common points of impact that can cause a chest contusion:


Seatbelts are meant to keep you safe, but their design may cause more injuries than they prevent. Seat belts are designed to keep your body from being thrown around or being ejected from the car when the brakes come on. However, you may suffer a chest contusion because of the forceful and rapid tightening of the belt.


Airbags are again a safety feature, similar to seatbelts. However, they have the potential to injure. They are designed to protect car accident victims from greater injuries. The force of an airbag can cause a chest contusion in anyone from young to elderly adults. Inappropriately deployed airbags may also cause these injuries. This happens when there was no accident, or the accident was not severe enough to trigger airbag deployment.

Steering wheels

Every driver has a preferred position when it comes to driving. However, this position doesn’t always streamline with the recommended distance between the steering wheel and the driver. Drivers that are too close to the steering wheel may hit their chest on it in case of an accident. This can result in a chest contusion.

You are at the risk of being bruised and battered anytime you are involved in a vehicular accident. It’s vital that you take care of yourself in such situations. However, it is necessary to take a pragmatic approach as well when dealing with the insurance company. Hiring a lawyer can help you get the compensation you need while you recover.

Steps to Take Following a Car Accident if You Suspect a Chest Contusion

You should seek medical treatment if you get hurt in a car accident. Make sure you follow the emergency responder’s advice and keep all the medical records safe. These are a few other steps you should consider taking:

  • Follow doctor’s recommendations: Your doctor would give you specific timelines to determine when you can resume normal activities and return to work. Don’t rush this timeline as it may only cause further injuries.
  • Rest: Your body is not able to heal properly without rest and you risk further injury
  • Document the recovery: Chest contusions usually have an unpredictable healing timeline. The limitations and recovery process imposed on you because of the injury may vary. You may require further treatment depending on your other injuries and overall health at the time of the accident. You should document your recovery process carefully. This will help you with the car accident settlement claim at a later date.
  • Speak with a personal injury lawyer: You may need the help of a car accident attorney if you suffered a chest contusion from the car accident. You shouldn’t have to pay for your injuries, lost time from work, and the pain you suffered if you were not at fault for the accident.

Speak with a Dedicated Mississippi Car Accident Attorney Today

Car accident injuries, such as chest contusions, can be debilitating and stressful. It may prevent you from thinking beyond your immediate medical requirements. The personal injury attorneys at Gardner Law Firm are here to help you take the necessary steps for recovering financial damages from the at-fault party. To schedule a free and confidential case review with us, call us today at 228-436-6555 or complete this online contact form.

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