Holding Truck Companies Accountable

Truck Accident Responsibility: The Importance of Holding Trucking Companies Accountable

Truck accidents cause a catastrophic amount of damage, both in terms of property damage and bodily harm. Sadly, the majority of truck accidents are completely preventable. Fatigue, impairment, and distractions all play a role in quite a few truck accidents throughout Mississippi. In many cases, the fault ultimately lies with the trucking companies—and that’s why it’s so important to hold them accountable.

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The Responsibility of Truck Companies

Trucking companies have substantial responsibility when it comes to road safety. The trucks they put on the road, the drivers they send out on hauls, and the cargo they accept all determine how safe the road is for other drivers. Unfortunately, not all trucking companies take their responsibility seriously. While many understand the gravity of their work and make decisions accordingly, others focus exclusively on profit at the expense of everything else. Breaking down these responsibilities piece by piece highlights the importance of holding truck companies to a high standard.

Safety Regulations and Compliance

The executives and managers at trucking companies are well-versed in the safety regulations that have shaped the trucking industry and set the standards for how truck drivers operate. These regulations did not come out of nowhere; they generally came into being after there were multiple avoidable accidents and deaths, in an effort to limit future preventable losses. Those who make scheduling, inspection, and cargo decisions at trucking companies should do so with these regulations at the forefront of their mind. If the FMCSA catches a company violating these regulations, ignorance is not a defense—the fines and penalties are the same regardless.

Driver Hiring, Training, and Supervision Obligations

When a driver causes a crash because they are distracted, fatigued, impaired, or simply reckless, they aren’t the ones who pay for the victim’s damages. Since they are an employee of the trucking company, the company is ultimately liable for that driver’s decisions. Trucking companies have an obligation to the general public to be particular about who they hire. This means running background checks, refusing to hire drivers with a long track record of safety issues, and taking drivers off the road when they are clearly dangerous to those around them.

Companies are also responsible for the level of training and supervision that their drivers have. Even drivers who already have their CDLs should be brought up to speed on the company’s policies, protocols, safety expectations, and standards.

Finally, companies are responsible for ensuring that drivers who are on the road are in the best position to drive as safely as possible. That means not forcing drivers to take back-to-back hauls, ensuring that they get the breaks and rest they need, and prioritizing safety over completing a haul as quickly as possible.

Maintenance and Inspection Concerns

Commercial trucks go through a lot in a single trip, and the mileage they see on a daily basis means that they are at heightened risk of equipment failures and breakdowns. That’s why it’s so important for trucking companies to have stringent inspection and maintenance protocols. The requirements put in place by the FMCSA are a good starting point, but many companies have even stricter requirements to catch problems before they result in breakdowns and the loss of cargo.

Furthermore, companies have a responsibility to use reliable and proven repair shops to conduct their maintenance work. Carefully vetting repair shops and maintenance professionals can save companies the pain of accidents caused by shoddy repair work, unapproved vehicle components, and other avoidable errors.

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