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The Importance of Getting a Lawyer Involved Early in a Trucking Accident

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, life may not feel like it’s back to normal for weeks or even months. Even a minor truck accident can leave you with a totaled car or expensive injuries, which is why it’s so important to talk to an attorney as soon as possible after a crash. You need someone whose only job is to advocate for you and fight for what you’re owed.

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The Trucking Company Will Start Investigating Immediately

One of the main reasons you need a lawyer right away is that you don’t want to end up too far behind the trucking company. They have a lot to lose if they are found liable for the accident, so they will jump into action immediately. Their hope is that they will be able to uncover enough evidence exonerating their driver and company, which protects them from too much financial damage.

What happens if you wait weeks to hire an attorney? The trucking company will have already processed all the evidence and figured out how to spin it in their favor. Even if your attorney hits the ground running, they will have a lot of work to do to be ready for negotiations. On the other hand, if you connect with an attorney right away, you have a fighting chance.

There’s a Lot of Evidence to Analyze

Truck accidents have a massive amount of evidence, and if you want an attorney who is fully prepared for negotiations or court, you want to give them as much time as possible to look into it. These accidents have all of the same evidence as any other vehicle accident, such as vehicle damage, injury documentation, road markings, and damage to roadway structures.

However, they also have evidence other accidents do not:

  • Electronic logging devices—although these are available on other vehicles, the evidence is far more useful in a truck accident.
  • Hours of service logs and federal regulations.
  • Truck employer’s hiring history and protocols.
  • Driver’s history that may indicate a history of unsafe driving, as this may show that they should not have been working as a truck driver.

Not only do you want to hire an attorney fairly quickly, but you also want to ensure that you choose one with experience in truck collision cases. They must be able to analyze and use this evidence in the best way possible to help your case.

A Lot of Money is at Stake

Truck accidents are much more expensive than other types of vehicle collisions. Because of this, commercial trucks must carry much larger insurance policies. An injured truck accident victim may be able to recover a substantial amount of compensation, but they’ll need to prove their case to the other side’s insurance provider first.

If you fumble this step, you risk receiving an incredibly low settlement or even no settlement at all. The best way to protect yourself is to reach out to an attorney immediately. This gives them the chance to gather evidence, analyze it, and take preemptive action.

How We Can Help

The team at Gardner Law Firm knows what it takes to make a strong truck accident case. They have the truck company, their legal team, and their own insurance company on their side. When you have us fighting for you, you can focus on recovering from your accident.

Before you talk to the other side’s insurance provider, make sure you have an attorney representing you. Anything you tell the insurance company can work against you and harm your claim—let us handle communication with the other party.

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