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Car Accidents Caused by Red Light Running

Stop signs and red lights are meant to manage traffic and keep drivers safe. In most situations, drivers stop at lights and follow the rules. However, it may not always happen – resulting in accidents, injuries, and even death. Statistically speaking, every driver will run a red light at some point in their life.

However, there are certain drivers that are more reckless than others. They may speed more often and ignore red lights. You should get in touch with a qualified personal injury attorney if another driver hits you after running a red light. You may be able to file a personal injury claim under Mississippi law.

Red Light and Mississippi Law

Running red lights and stop lights is one of the most common traffic violations in Mississippi. Depending on the county in which the violation occurs, fines can be as steep as $225. You can legally defend running a yellow light, but red lights mandate stopping behind the painted limit line. The stop is supposed to occur before the intersection in case there is no painted limit line. Ignoring this law built on common sense can result in significant tragedy.

Intersection Crash Injuries

Intersection collisions may result in exceptional and serious injuries according to hospitals. There are chest injuries in over 60% of these injuries. Another third of victims suffer from head injuries and trauma. These injuries can cause long-term repercussions on the health and financials of the victims. Some of the injuries may also result in death.

Different Types of Intersection Collisions

  • Head-on collisions: These may occur in intersections when one or more vehicles attempt a left turn. People secured by seatbelts experience injuries to lower limbs and chest. Those who are not belted may experience grave damage to their legs, feet, chest, and pelvis. They may also suffer from facial fractures.
  • T-bone crashes: This is a common and serious type of crash that takes place at intersections. Individuals can experience significant injuries when the door panels are crushed against their bodies. Injuries may occur in the chest, abdominal cavity, and lower extremities. People seated on that side of the vehicle that was not rammed are susceptible to head and chest trauma. Younger children that are not in a booster or car seat are particularly vulnerable to injuries.

Things To Do in Red Light Accidents

You should get as much information as you can to prove your claim. You should do the following:

  • Call the police right away and insist on a police report
  • Get insurance and contact information of the other driver
  • Collect the contact information of potential eyewitnesses
  • Don’t speak to anyone other than the police about the crash
  • Get a medical evaluation even if you don’t think you have any serious injuries
  • Get in touch with a personal injury attorney

Benefits of Filing a Police Report

Police reports are vital to making a red-light accident case. You should not delay calling the police and filing a report following the accident. The first thing your personal injury attorney will do is review all reports about the crash. They will obtain the report from the agency responsible for investigating the crash. Police reports contain valuable information regarding a claim. They help car accident attorneys in Mississippi make stronger personal injury claims.

What Happens if there is No Police Report?

Your personal injury attorney will have to take the right steps if you did not call the police following your red-light accident. They will request video evidence. The majority of cities have red-light cameras at busy road intersections. These cameras are helpful in providing valuable information regarding the accident.

In case the intersection did not have any red-light cameras, there may be security cameras that recorded the accident. Your car accident lawyer will work with both public and private entities for obtaining this surveillance video to be used with your case.

Attorneys can also apply for texting and phone records from mobile carriers in case there is no police report and recorded videos of the accident. Your lawyer may be able to get access to phone records to prove the other driver was engaged in texting and driving, and other reckless or risky behavior.

Red light accidents are usually hard to prove without video evidence. However, they are not impossible. An experienced attorney will use the concept of negligence per se to prove the fault of the other driver.

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