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Do I need an attorney to file an injury claim in Mississippi?

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When you’re injured due to the negligent actions of another party, one of the first things to consider is whether you should hire a personal injury attorney. This may not be necessary in some cases, such as soft tissue injuries. These typically occur due to dog bites, workplace accidents, vehicle or boating accidents, bike accidents, or slip and fall accidents. Common examples of soft tissue injuries include torn ligaments, whiplash, headaches, and lacerations.

These types of claims can be negotiated without a lawyer, but that doesn’t mean the insurance company representing the at-fault party will provide you with a fair settlement. If liability isn’t clear or you don’t agree on the amount of compensation, it’s time to consult an experienced personal injury attorney at Gardner Law Firm.

Mississippi Injury Cases You Should Not Attempt without a Lawyer

Hard injuries are more serious because they can cause death or life-altering consequences. They include injuries such as internal organ damage, broken bones, permanent scars, paralysis, and traumatic brain injury. Specific examples of cases include wrongful death, medical malpractice, or any permanent injury, whether disabling or not. Even when injuries are initially serious, some people underestimate the lasting impact on their life and accept a settlement that isn’t nearly enough to meet their ongoing needs.

We recommend meeting with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible for any type of serious injury. To protect your future interests, you should work with a lawyer if you spent more than a few days in the hospital or required treatment for more than a month due to someone else’s negligent actions. Here are some other situations that always require an injured person to secure a personal injury attorney:

  • When the insurance company acts in bad faith. After numerous denials and delays with no good reason, it may become obvious that the insurance company representing the other party is acting in bad faith. However, no one representing the company is likely to admit that. You need to take the case to court to prove it and hold the insurance company accountable for its actions. This is an overwhelming challenge for anyone to face on their own.
  • Any injury that requires extensive investigation, preservation of evidence and expert opinion. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Gardner Law Firm have a deep understanding of Mississippi law, as well as established relationships with experts in many different disciplines.
  • For any case above small claims court. Representing yourself in court for a small claim is easy enough to do. However, taking the case to a higher court requires in-depth knowledge of legal procedures. Not only do judges have little patience for plaintiffs representing themselves, but your lack of procedural knowledge will likely cost you the case.
  • Any medical malpractice or defective product case. These are complex cases that require a high degree of technical expertise since the burden is on you to prove that the defendant’s negligent actions are directly responsible for your injuries. Defendants in these cases have much more money available to them to fight the charges than the average person who causes a car accident. They also require a lengthy process of discovery to prove the person suing even has a case in the first place.
  • Any claim against local, city, state, or federal government. These are also complicated cases that must abide by the mandates of the Tort Claim Act. In some cases, you may have as little as 60 days to file a government litigation claim.
  • When you have the opportunity to join a class-action lawsuit. Sometimes a company harms so many people that hundreds or thousands of people sue at the same time. In this case, you may receive an invitation to join a class-action lawsuit. If you meet eligibility, you will join the other plaintiffs in being represented by a legal firm.

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Gardner Law Firm is pleased to offer a free initial consultation with our skilled Mississippi injury attorneys for anyone in the Biloxi, Hattiesburg, or Pascagoula areas who is struggling with the aftermath of an injury caused by another party. We will let you know if the case is simple enough to handle on your own or if you would benefit from our years of legal expertise to help you obtain a fair settlement. Feel free to contact our closest office location to request your appointment today. We can be reached in Biloxi and Pascagoula at (228) 436-6555 and in Hattiesburg at (601) 582-4300 or we can be reached online.


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